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Class Offerings

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Young Ballet Class

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School Enrichments

Class Offerings

Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop and More!

5678 Dance Inc. offers an amazing range of classes for all dancers, from toddler to adulthood. Get in touch to learn more about all our offerings.

Young Ballet Class

Creative Movement-Intro into Dance

Movement and Fun

This class introduces basic dance movements using fun age appropriate exercises and teaching techniques to develop coordination, rhythm and confidence. This class is set up for your children to have fun with dance, so they will learn to love it and continue for years to come! This program is designed to build self-confidence and self-esteem in young children.

Dress: Dance tights and pink/black leotard, pink ballet shoes.



Fundamental Techniques

This class offers the elements of ballet techniques starting with beginners learning the fundamental basics at the barre along with center floor work. There is strong emphasis on body alignment, terminology and technique.

Dress: Dance tights and pink/black leotard, pink ballet shoes.

Tap Dance Class


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Beginner level tap classes start learning fundamental tap movements with a warm up of basic exercises along with center and corner floor work. Classes progress to more intricate steps and combinations.

Dress: Dance tights and pink/black leotard, tap shoes required

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Razzle Dazzle

An introduction to the basics of Jazz with a warm up, basic steps across the floor and combinations. With a variety of styles, all our jazz classes are ballet-based. Students learn turns, leaps, and jumps as well as today's "hottest" combinations.

Dress: Dance tights and pink/black leotard, jazz shoes



Get Into the Groove

Consists of Hip Hop/Jazz warm-ups & steps. Across the floor steps & a short combination will be taught with up to date music. Hip-Hop is expressing the feeling of music and telling stories through body movement building strength, stamina, coordination and muscle memory. It’s about grooving and having fun.

Dress: Dance tights and leotard, jazz shoes/jazz sneaker required


Musical Theatre

Let's Sing! Let's Dance! Let's Act!

An introduction to musical theater incorporating singing, dancing and acting along to all the famous Broadway shows and movie musicals. Students will learn choreography to all the shows from yesterday & today!  This is a jazz-based class.

Dress: Dance tights and leotard, jazz shoes


Cheer Dance

Hip Hip Hoorah

An introduction to cheerleading and basic tumbling.  In this class the student will work on basic tumbling fundamentals and basic cheer fundamentals. Jazz dancing will also be combined with the class.

Dress: Dance tights and leotard, jazz shoes or sneakers. 

Little Gymnast

Tumble Kids/Creative Movement

Balance and Strength

Through the use of music, games, floor mats and many other motor skill activities, your child will develop muscle control, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and poise. Mat and floor techniques such as forward and backwards tumbles, bear walks, frog jumps, and various fitness activities.  The classes will also include balancing, core strengthening and cardiovascular exercises as well as some dance movement.

School Enrichments

Fun & Affordable

5678 Dance Inc. operates on-site daytime and after-school enrichment program. The goal of the program is to encourage an appreciation and enjoyment for dance, movement, & music through weekly classes. All classes are conducted in a fun & non-competitive environment, promoting fitness, discipline, self-confidence & self-awareness.

Each child has the opportunity to perform in a school year end show.

Available classes are; Creative Movement and Music, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Tap, Tumble Kids, Musical Theatre, Cheerleading and more...

Convenient On-Site Classes in your facility
Classes taught during regular preschool hours or after school for ages 2 and Up
Individual Attention to Your Child’s Particular Needs
Positive, Fun & Safe Environment

End of School Year Dance Recital

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Ladybug Yoga

There is something for everyone!

Who is Ladybug Yoga?
Ladybug Yoga is a unique Children's program that is taught in Schools & Facilities throughout South Florida. We have witnessed that teaching these amazing tools to young children will build a positive foundation for their whole lives!! 
Our program is designed for children ages 3 years and up.

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