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What to Wear?

You can buy supplies at "Attitudes" which is located on Westview and University Drives. 
If you mention 5678 Dance, you will receive 10% off!

After School Enrichments

Ballet:Pink leather ballet shoes

Hip Hop, Musical Theater & Jazz:Tan jazz shoes

Students may wear anything comfortable to dance in. they are welcome to wear dance attire but it is not required in the schools.

Studio Classes (P-REC/Canyons)

Jazz: booty shorts/leggings/ tank top/ leotard with tan Jazz shoes

Tap: booty shorts/leggings/tank top/ leotard with tan Tap shoes

Hip Hop: booty shorts/leggings/ tank top with sneakers

Ballet/Lyrical: pink tights, leotard and pink leather ballet shoes

Musical Theater: booty shorts/leggings/ tank top with tan Jazz shoes

Cheer: booty shorts/leggings/ tank top with white sneakers

Acro: booty shorts/Leggings/ tank top/ leotard with bare feet 

On Pointe Dance Company

They will need to have tan tap shoes, tan jazz shoes and come to class in all black (for example: black leggings, tank top, tights and/or leotard).

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